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Long Time, No See

It's been a long time since we've had an update that is worth sharing. The problem with following a seemingly abandoned show is that most of the content you're able to share with everyone has already been shared. So, for the time being this site acts as a museum of sorts for one of the best shows Comedy Central has ever produced. Since we started this site, we've aimed to…

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Q&A with Sam Seder

I created this site with a couple goals in mind. Not only did I want to get I'm with Busey officially released, but I also wanted to collect as much information as I possibly could about the show and those involved. While our battle to get the show released still continues, I have some great news regarding information about the show. Today, I'm very excited to share our very…

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The Death of Our Petition

Update 6/10/13: And... we're down again. This petition service is too unreliable for us. Re-thinking our options! Update 12/12/12: It appears that after several months of downtime our petition is back. Spread the word! Unfortunately, it appears that the site that hosted our petition has been taken offline without any form or notice. We started noticing issues around the time…

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The First Month

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve launched and we’ve made a good amount of progress! I just wanted to go over a few things that have happened recently. Our humble little petition reached 34 signatures today! Great work! Keep sharing I’m with Busey with your friends and family and tell them about our petition if they like what they see. The executive producer of I’m with Buse…

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Who's Still with Busey?

I’m assuming that since you’ve ended up here you fall into one of two groups. You’ve never seen I’m with Busey and you were cleverly tricked into viewing this site -OR- you’re already a fan of the show, and needed a place to call home. If you fall into the group who has never seen the show before, the episodes link above is the best place to start. It will provide you with a full epis…

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