The Death of Our Petition

Update 6/10/13: And... we're down again. This petition service is too unreliable for us. Re-thinking our options!

Update 12/12/12: It appears that after several months of downtime our petition is back. Spread the word!

Unfortunately, it appears that the site that hosted our petition has been taken offline without any form or notice. We started noticing issues around the time the big summer storms were hitting the east coast. After the storms had calmed down, the site came back up for around a day then was never seen again.

From what we’ve gathered - acquired just before it was taken offline. I have contacted in hopes of getting our signatures transferred over to their petition format, but I was given a canned denial response. So, looks like we’re out of luck.

On a brighter note, I was able to snag a screenshot of the petition just before it disappeared for good. You can view it on our flickr photo pool.

A big thanks to everyone who signed! I’m going to go through another round of contacting the cast and crew of the show to see if we can get anywhere. If we don’t then we’re considering opening up a new petition, but it would require that we start over again. If you think we should get another petition going, let us know!