Long Time, No See

It's been a long time since we've had an update that is worth sharing. The problem with following a seemingly abandoned show is that most of the content you're able to share with everyone has already been shared. So, for the time being this site acts as a museum of sorts for one of the best shows Comedy Central has ever produced.

Since we started this site, we've aimed to provide a great home for I'm with Busey and to collect everything that we could about it. Despite all of the strong tensions on the set which seemingly led to the show's untimely demise, the fans clearly still care about the show and want to have a place to continue to enjoy it.

One such fan, Winston Cook-Wilson, recently contacted us to discuss the show for an article that he was working on for Inverse. It was great to sit down and discuss the show and it is always refreshing to hear from fans and see others contributing to the awareness of the show that has nearly been lost, but not forgotten. You can read the full interview and more at

In the past couple years, we've completed a huge revamp of the site that included a complete revamp of the engine that powers it. We also switched from a site mainly focused on raising interest in getting I'm with Busey officially released to more of a curated collection of information about the show as I mentioned above. Most of these improvements went unannounced, but I'm hoping everyone has been enjoying them nonetheless.

While our petition unfortunately fizzled out, we were able to accomplish many things that we never dreamed we would including speaking to both Sam Seder (Director) and Jim Biederman (Producer). Sam Seder was even nice enough to take some time to answer all of our strange questions . If nothing else, we've realized that the show was never meant to be continued. It lives on as this strange science experiment that could have easily ended up in a huge explosion and killed everyone involved, but instead created something really special for viewers.

We're always working toward getting more of the cast and crew involved, but until then, sit back and enjoy one of the most unique shows to ever grace television. Until next time!