Vision Quest

Originally Aired

June 24th, 2003

Directed by

Sam Seder

Written by

David Dameshek & Adam De La Peña


Gary teaches Adam how to survive in the desert by taking him on a journey to meet "The Magic Indian." Activities include Gary destroying Adam's camping equipment and forcing him to spend the night in the open in front of a campfire.


Gary Busey: It's the feeling I have. Also, you have a smell that comes ahead of you that can't be missed.

Gary Busey: I'm being guided by invisible forces.

Gary Busey: I will give you the knowledge of surviving - eating roadkill.

Gary Busey: The sailcat is a cat that has been run over about 600 times on a freeway and you walk out and you peel it off the freeway and you throw it across the prairie like a frisbee.

Gary Busey: We're going to Cathedral Rock. That's the vortex of the heart.