The Pilot

Originally Aired

June 17th, 2003

Directed by

Vito Viscomi

Written by

David Dameshek & Adam De La Peña


Gary teaches Adam about what makes a man a man. Activities include Gary dressing as a woman in order to teach Adam about the feminine side of men, stating that "all men are failed women at birth."


Gary Busey: Your mother's name is Sandra, she's a housewife and a mother. Your father is Richard, he's a lawyer. Your first girlfriend her name is Karen Thomas. You went to Senora High School, okay? You had a goal in life. You had a goal in life. You had three or four goals in life. What was your main one? Your main goal was to polish railroad rails. You wanted to do that, you thought that would be magical.

Gary Busey: Are you dyslexic? I am.

Gary Busey: The way I start these things, when working with somebody new... First thing we do - we don't shake hands. We give each other a lovingly sensual french kiss.

Adam de la Peña: Was Busey's house how I imagined it? Yes. Was I scared? No. Am I lying? Yes.